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April 23, 2012 / Keely

A Haunting

At the restaurant in Roy
The Depression era
trimmed the walls
with faded fruit pickers in stiff
overalls, Methodist church ladies,
and cowboys under
a threadbare Rodeo banner.

There we met the bald owner,
a passionate taxidermist,
who arranged his mountain goat,
weasels, and a moth eaten cougar
so glass eyes peered sideways
at guests on the way
to the bathroom.

We stayed to line dance in the cool
restaurant hall; (Fridays, Buffalo Kids
and Gulch Groovers).
When we left, half drunk,
our boots scuffed,
I vowed I saw Roy’s ghosts
standing behind,
where the littered woods
were sultry.

Written by Kristin Roedell

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