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February 13, 2012 / Keely

I Stare at this Photograph…

…and, Believing that I May Finally Understand How Two Individuals Are Sometimes Able to Be in the Presence of Each Other and Feel Okay despite Grave Existential Differences that Would Otherwise Separate Them Entirely, Retreat Back to My Bedroom of Near-Total Darkness Where I Will Read a Book of Asemic Writing until I Fall Asleep
Richard sits beside Nicole, feeling a general sense of contentment about the direction in which his life has taken him in recent years, while Nicole, much unlike Richard, feels what could be, perhaps, a sort of absolute terror minimized only by some sense of defeat in face of everything that the universe has thrust at her so forcefully, so unapologetically, since the day she exited the comfortable innocence and naivety of a childhood without bars or insecurities and entered the cruel and confusing paralysis of adulthood, its new and, to her, somewhat senseless responsibility and aching all seemingly without end.

Written by Matt Margo

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