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October 5, 2011 / Keely

Pre-order RiverLit #4

It’s almost here! The release reading for RiverLit #4 is slated for 10/26 at Neato Burrito (Spokane, WA). There will be a limited number of copies available at the reading, so if you plan on coming please take a moment to pre-order your copies at a reduced price of $8 to make sure you get one. Pre-ordered copies will be held for you. This pre-order is only if you are coming to Neato Burrito during the reading on October 26th. If you order a copy but end up unable to make it, we can arrange a pick-up time later, but please be sure about your order as we won’t be able to give any refunds.

Pre-Orders are over.  Thanks! 

Copies will be $9 without a pre-order. After the reading, RiverLit #4 will be available for purchase online as usual.


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